RIP Mark Levine – jazz piano legend
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excerpt from One Down, One Up. Coltrane often superimposes “Giant Steps” changes.

Alphabet Soup‘s 1997 recording “Strivin'” has been rereleased on all streaming platforms and the iTunes store. Apple Music users can access “Strivin'” in Lossless format. enjoy!

“Strivin'” on Apple Music

With Charette working a frothy modern version of a Hammond B-3 like McGriff and McDuff, Power from the Air initially comes on like a blast of grits-and-gravy goodness, only to be teeter-tottered by dissonant ensemble sections and odd-metered, often over-the-bar-line figures that could spin heads and scare farm animals. But that’s the album’s undeniable, if quirky, charm, cracking a new wrinkle in old-fashioned duds.


Power From The Air on Apple Music

Bob Berg 1984 has been updated to Bob Berg w Miles Davis and now includes 31 meticulous transcriptions of Bob Berg w Miles 84-86.