Hip Hop Tools Vol. 1 for Reason

Hip Hop Tools Vol. 1 for Reason

Hip Hop Tools is a Reason combinator with 32 classic hip hop beats pre-programmed. Faithfully transcribed from the greatest hip hop jams of the 90s/00s, included are PDFs with drum notation making this indispensable for hip hop drummers.



Alphabet Soup Hip-Hop School presents the first volume of Hip-Hop Tools – utilities to enhance your hip-hop music conception, composition, performance and production. Created by the seasoned veterans here at Alphabet Soup, Hip-Hop Tools will help you maximize your skills and hone your style to a fine point.

Hip-Hop Tools Vol. 1 is based around a customized Reason combinator that features 32 classic hip-hop drum patterns faithfully transcribed from the recordings. These are not REX loops, instead the patterns have been reproduced with a Kong and a bank of Matrix step sequencers, making it easy to replace the sounds and customize the sequences to your creative taste. Audition the patterns 1-32 using the Rotary 1 encoder on the combinator.

PDFs of the sheet music for all 32 patterns are included. Drummers looking for authentic hip-hop patterns to play live will find this section especially valuable.

The 4 buttons on the combinator have been mapped to mute/unmute the 4 main drum voices.

Also included in Vol. 1 are several ReGroove patches created from some of the classic beats represented in this collection. Use the copy to track function from each active Matrix sequencer to individual tracks and then apply the groove patch in the ReGroove mixer. If you apply the ReGroove patch to the pattern from which the patch was created you will hear the pattern with EXACTLY the feel from the original recording. A demo song has been included demonstrating this feature based on pattern D4 (bank D, pattern 4) and using the “Star” groove patch which was created from D4.

You must always organize your sounds this way in the Kong:

PAD 1 : Bass Drum
PAD 2 : Snare
PAD 3 : Other (your choice)
PAD 4 : Closed Hi Hat
PAD 5 : Open Hi Hat
PAD 6 : Ride Cymbal
PAD 7 : Rimshot
PAD 8 : Crash Cymbal

We hope you enjoy Hip-Hop Tools Vol. 1. Stay tuned for more high quality Hip-Hop Toolz from Alphabet Soup.