Bob Berg 1984 (PDF version)

Transcriptions of Bob Berg playing with the Miles Davis Band 1984. Includes both shows at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Paris, Barcelona and more. Several versions of the songs “Speak”, “What It Is”, “It Gets Better” and “You’re Under Arrest”.


Coltrane Book Vol. 1 (PDF version)

Features my complete transcription of “One Down, One Up” live at the Half Note as well as the full cadenza at the end Of “I Want To Talk About You” from Stockholm 1963. The full list of transcriptions included:

Countdown (alt. take)
Little Old Lady
Impressions (Sutherland Hotel 1961)
I Want To Talk About You (Stockholm 1963)
I Want To Talk About You (Berlin 1963)
One Down, One Up (Dear Old Stockholm)
One Down, One Up (Half Note 1965)
One Down, One Up (Village Gate 1965)
Seraphic Light


Transcriptions for Saxophone (PDF version)

Meticulous transcriptions of modern masters including Joe Henderson, Steve Grossman, George Garzone, Mark Turner, Donny McCaslin, Eric Alexander, Ralph Moore, Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins, Sonny Stitt, Michael Brecker and others. 160 pages.


Bach Cello Suites 1 – 5 in the original keys for Bb Tenor Saxophone (PDF version)

Bach Cello Suites transcribed for Bb Tenor Saxophone in the style of Yo-Yo Ma.


Alphabet Soup Songbook (PDF version)

Sheet music for Alphabet Soup’s greatest hits. Original music by Dred Scott and Kenny Brooks.


KB PDF Bookstore page at Gumroad

KB transcription mp3s of extra tunes

Apple Music playlist for Transcriptions for Saxophone

Apple Music playlist for Coltrane Book Vol. 1